Diversity, Inclusion and Equity at SMCC

ѻý stands unequivocally in support of students, faculty and staff of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, economic backgrounds, veteran status, physical abilities, genders, political beliefs, immigration status, ages and other identities. We are committed to building a respectful, welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates our diversity.

The College is dedicated to cultivating a diverse community to foster learning and intellectual inquiry, and to nurturing a climate and culture that provides all students the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed in college and beyond.

SMCC’s values include respecting others, honoring diverse viewpoints and challenging each other to do the right thing. We are inclusive and come together to openly communicate, participate and collaborate.

As a College that embraces diversity, inclusion and equity, ѻýis committed to:

  • Incorporating diversity and equity into our academic and extracurricular activities and daily functions at the College.
  • Ensuring the equitable treatment of all students, faculty, staff, community members and visitors.
  • Recruiting and retaining students, faculty and staff with diverse identities, backgrounds and ideas.
  • Providing resources to faculty, staff and students to recognize, address and prevent discrimination and oppression.
  • Publicly engaging with organizations and groups serving underrepresented and/or diverse populations.

ѻýis steadfast in our belief that a culture of inclusion with a diversity of identities and beliefs is fundamental to our success as an educational institution.

The ѻýDiversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is responsible for:

  • Assessing the college climate with regard to openness, diversity, equity and inclusion from both student and employee perspectives.
  • Creating and providing annual training and ongoing programming for the college community on a variety of diversity-related topics.

The committee is comprised of 13 faculty, staff and students who meet every third Thursday of the month at 3:00 p.m. in Howe Hall Seminar Room during the Fall and Spring semesters. All are invited to join.

The committee welcomes all feedback, questions and concerns at equity@smccME.edu.